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LUMBAR SUP-PORT.! [entries|friends|calendar]
ariel roxanne.

and it's hard to leave when I haven't seen you in so long
And if we just held out for tomorroww..

We might have seen
what was so far away..

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6:35am December 9th]
I saw Enchanted with my roommate today [by which I mean last night] and it was super cute. Absolutely retarded but I loved it.

Unfortunately, my knees feel like the caps are trying to escape from my body. Particularly on the left side. This hurts, and is troublesome. Luckily I feel less sick now, no throwing up for me!

I actually really love rain, which has been happening lately, but only when I am not watching. But it fucks with my body since I have ridiculous codger's war limbs a.k.a. my knees react to the weather.

Maybe I should actually start doing my physical therapy. I bet that might probably help a little. Maybe I'll just start taking the stairs.

...Stairs are good for your knee muscles, right?
2control the weather // with their tears

HAHA [Tuesday
8:23am November 20th]
i've been looking for my id for like three days right? turns out it was in my purse. i am an asshole.
2control the weather // with their tears

hahahaha [Monday
2:22am November 19th]
i haven't written in this in over a year. now i have! hi.
5control the weather // with their tears

6:40pm October 3rd]
this cycle is getting REALLY old.

on a lighter note i have vague plans for halloween yay!
with their tears

5:00pm August 25th]
i feel like my insides are being scaled.
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7:13am August 23rd]
there should be some kind of rule where we don't have to go to school in a thunderstorm.

i need a shower.
with their tears

9:57pm August 17th]
wow i'm dumb.
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3:43pm April 22nd]
Image hosting by Photobucket

i need to add a little more to make it thicker.
but yeah.
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12:54pm April 18th]
I really really miss my friends out of state right now.
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8:11pm March 26th]
Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket
hi superpretty hair.
ignore my face, it's ugly right now because i feel like shit.

love, ariel.
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nahnah. you will want to see. [Sunday
5:37pm March 19th]

haaa, just click on the ad thing, it's like two seconds and you get to see this adorable videooo.

[1/4 million bouncy balls down a hill in san francisco ^_^]
with their tears

10:48pm March 17th]
with their tears

TUB RING [Wednesday
11:31pm March 15th]
was so good.

if you didn't go you missed out.

then again, i bet you still have cash.
with their tears

omg copypaste. [Monday
2:14am March 13th]

i should do THAT.
with longer layers.
with their tears

3:08am March 11th]
so i finally got bored enough to get a xanga.

goto: think_tanks

it really isn't very interesting right now.
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11:23am March 10th]
I'm thinking of doing my hair.

It'd be sweet if you'd help a sister out with ideas.

and not by saying 'you should shave your head' or anything equally as lame and unhelpful.

It can't be black or purple, or blue.

I can't decide if i want to go dark or light

I don't think i want one color unless it's platinum or something. brown might be okay.

if anyone thinks I should just get it cut and let the natural color grow in, do tell.

i'm just really bored with my hair, i haven't done anything to it in six months. besides washing and whatnot.
with their tears

10:21pm March 9th]

[that has so many meanings you don't even KNOW.]
with their tears

4:50pm March 6th]
Image hosting by Photobucket

Dear Berit,

This is my hair now.

Dear everyone else,

Yeah, I'm way less attractive without makeup. That's not your problem.

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5:47pm March 5th]
<td align="center"> Ariel --

Sexually stunning

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com</td>

hahaha. damn straight bitches.
with their tears

raaaaar!! [Sunday
3:06pm January 29th]
pms monster!!!
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